It all started when...

Photography started off as a hobby for me. I was a sophomore in college and all I wanted to do was take pictures of my friends on every trip we went on. I worked the entire summer after my freshman year of college at my families dry cleaners, and when I saved up enough money I bought my first camera: Canon 60D. It was a great starting camera and I used it for about two years. After those first two years of playing around, I began getting inquiries from friends to take their senior pictures. I was shocked because I didn't have experience in shooting professionally. In October of 2015 I started my business professionally, and in early 2016 I began shooting weddings. It has been a wild, but magnificent ride and I have finally found my calling. So besides the obvious, I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I love to play video games, and I absolutely love Blue Bell ice-cream. I'm Hispanic (I know, I don't look like it, thanks dad.) and I speak Spanish fluently. I love to travel, and I love me some good family time. I drink way too much coffee, and spend a lot of time day dreaming. So if you think i'm cool enough, shoot me an email and lets go grab some coffee and donuts! 

Email: Jspivey17@hotmail.com