Weekend Warriors



So here's the backstory to Julie and I's friendship. We've been following each other on Tumblr for like, ever, and last fall I ventured out to the PNW to meet our other friend Emily. After messaging back and forth, we decided on a time and date to hang out. Julie took Emily and I to Mount Hood and we played around in the snow and had a good time! 

Fast forward to now, Julie has become one of my closest friends ever. No, seriously, Julie is one of my most favorite people in this world. So, after texting about how we needed to hang out again, Julie bought a ticket to come see me in Colorado. We packed up my FJ and drove to the Great Sand Dunes NP. After multiple stops for sightseeing and photo taking, we found the cutest little hole in the wall restaurant called "A Mimi's Cafe". When I tell you this place was cute, it was heckin' cute ok? We sat down, ordered ourselves some cheeseburgers and milkshakes, then kept heading toward the dunes.

After about 3 1/2 hours of driving, we finally made it. We put blankets all in the back of the FJ and tried to go to bed. I say try because even my 5'3 short self was uncomfortable so you can imagine how Julie felt haha! After about an hour of talking about our weekend plans we fell asleep. Well, according to Julie I was snoring as soon as I laid down (i'm still sorry). The morning finally rolled around and at 5:45am we drove from the campsite to the dunes. It ended up being overcast which I was happy about, but we missed the cotton candy sunrise due to the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range covering them up. Either way, we played around in the sand for a few hours then headed to Buena Vista for some breakfast. We arrived in Breckenridge around noon, grabbed some coffee from my favorite shop a.k.a The Crown, and edited for a few hours.

After our drive back, we got home and literally watched almost the entire season of Ozark (whoops), but we were tired so give us a break haha! After taking the rest of the day off, we went and watched Wonder Woman and talked about how epic it was. Sunday morning rolled around and we decided we would go explore some more. We drove to all of my favorite spots on loveland pass, stopped at the continental divide, then took off toward Boulder. We wanted to visit the Lost Gulch, but to our disappointment, so did 150 other people. Even though we drove for two hours, we still shared a lot of laughter, sarcasm, and snacks. We drove home around 9pm and baked ourselves some homemade chocolate chip cookies and ate some ice cream.

Even though Julie was only here for a few days, we went out and made the most of our time. We took too many photos, ate way too much junk food, and laughed more than I have laughed in a long time. Julie is one of those people you know you will be friends with for a long time. We'll probably be those old lady's that are funny jerks, but i'm okay with it. So here's to friendship and traveling!