Estes Park Wedding; Jourdan + Emily

Yes, you’ll be in my heart. From this day on, now, and forever more.
— Tarzan

Well y'all, lets talk about one of the cutest weddings of 2018. Emily and Jourdan decided to get married in Estes Park, Colorado with their closest friends and family. They traveled up from Oklahoma to tie the knot and honestly it was so cute I died of happiness. I love the mountains first of all so I'll never turn down the opportunity to shoot up there. They had their little cutie Liam up there to watch them commit the rest of their lives together as a family. 

Everything was so simple in the best of ways which honestly just made the whole wedding anything but simple. Emily had amazing florals done by Enchanted Florist Weddings, awesome hair and makeup by  Mandy Edwards, and her beautiful dress was from the Bridal Boutique of Oklahoma. 

Not only are their families so sweet and kind, they were generous and constantly asking me how I was doing. Like what?? Made my whole day. I have a whole lotta love for these two!