Will Rogers Gardens; Blake + Claire

The heart wants what it wants, and I want you.

Y'all. Blake and Claire's Will Rogers Garden wedding was one for the books. I won't type too much because I uploaded wayyyyyy more than I usually do, and honestly I wish I could put even more photos on this post because that's how good it was. It was the perfect outdoor wedding during summer. Lots and lots of florals and smiles to go around. Their ceremony was one of the sweetest I've ever seen! Tears everywhere. Not even joking. And can we talk about how happy and smiling these two were the ENTIRE DAY? Idk about y'all but if my wedding isn't has fun as theirs i'm canceling it. Jk, but it truly was a beautiful day. Not to mention everyones dance moves at the reception. I hope y'all love these photos as much as I do because D A N G.